Indonesias aug m2 money supply growth slows to 133 pct yy

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JAKARTA, Oct 9 Indonesia's broad money supply (M2) grew at a slower pace in August from a year ago, Bank Indonesia data showed on Wednesday. M2, an indicator of inflation, rose 13.3 percent on an annual basis, compared to 14.7 percent the previous month. Following is a table of the latest Indonesian money supply figures in trillions of rupiah, according to Bank Indonesia's website:

Aug 2012 July 2013* Aug 2013 M2 (broad money) 3,091.6 3,506.6 3,501.3 M1 (narrow money)772.4 879.9 855,8 Rupiah demand deposits 445.4 496.1 496,4 Quasi money 2,307.1 2,608.1 2,624.8 *official revisions